Jumping Rope: Benefits and Options

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Rope Benefits

A jump rope is a simple and useful sports equipment. Jumping rope gives a good cardio load, helps to lose weight, replaces running and cycling. Skipping, as jumping is also called, is practiced not only on the street, but also at home, which makes this type of training attractive in winter.

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Regular jumping rope improves muscle relief, posture, increases endurance and burns fat.

Skipping rope is an effective cardio workout: the load falls on the cardiovascular system. The heart muscle becomes stronger and more resilient, blood pressure and breathing rhythm normalize, and the risk of heart disease and strokes decreases.

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Skipping is an effective tool against excess weight. To cope with the load, the body uses energy reserves, and you burn calories. One hour of jumping burns as many calories as an hour of running at about 10 kilometers per hour: an average of 600-1000 calories for a person weighing 55-85 kilograms.

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Jumping helps to increase endurance and speed, strengthen muscles and improve physical qualities, so the rope is used in many sports: martial arts, athletics, crossfit, football and others.

Physical exercise increases blood circulation in the body and brain, as a result, toxins are removed and the body is cleansed. In addition, sport is a distraction from the routine, so jumping rope at a moderate intensity will help reduce anxiety and improve mood.



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